Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sigh! Liverpool - again...

Ah fur fox ache.

Barely had the green shoots of a Liverpool revival appeared than Arsenal had them trampled into the dirt. I'm not going to bore you with my musings all over again, it's all down there in that earlier piece of blog that I took so seriously it almost touched on journalism at some points.

Suffice to say I'm not revising my opinion that:

a) the new signings bear uncanny resemblance to the motley crew of new arrivals that did for Houllier in the end
b) my disturbing premonition that this year would turn out like the last one that was supposed to be a new dawn - also under Houllier - looks like being proved correct
c) it's another eerie echo from the past that has us now talking about 'finishing fourth'
d) Benitez is Houllier only with a different accent

I am much disturbed about matters Liverpudlian. Once again we go 1-0 down away from home and my immediate thought is - "Well that's that then." For posterity, I texted Radge and told him so, and he agreed, so he can vouch for my wonderful insight in these matters.

The rest of the game featured the usual shapeless shuffling about and huff and puff from our boys without so much as a period of pressure or decent effort on goal. Unreal. We're playing in a negative bind, a tactical strait jacket, and simply don't know how to take a game to opponents if we concede. Like, how many times when we were 2-0 down did we pass the ball back to the defence from attacking positions on the flank, or pop the ball about without actually going forward until we resorted to the inevitable hoof which came right back at us? All the while the Gunners just sat deep, looking at us trying not to laugh.
Contrast that with an Arsenal who actually tried to attack when in possession instead of turning backwards and going nowhere all the time. Arghhhh!!! MEMO TO RAFA: WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE CHASING THE BLOODY GAME!

Alas, this is all because of the rank inability of our wingers to go by their man, or more to the point perhaps, the coaching that dictates we retain possession as priority over having a real go and maybe losing the ball. Where's the verve, the panache, the fizz, the intangible unexpected stuff we all supported Liverpool for in the first place?

It's football, not science Rafa, sort it out for fucks sake or piss off.

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