Friday, September 29, 2006

Lovely Girls #1

Gentlemen, and gracious ladies who aren't bitter at the sight of a Lovely Girl, might I present for your viewing pleasure the first in an occasional series showcasing the aesthetic talents of various Lovely Girls from around the world. First up, Natalie Imbruglia (teasingly pronounced Embroiled-in-ya - she's such a minx!!!). That'd be her in the photo there. Enjoy.

Natalie first annonced her Lovely Girlness to the world as a character in Aussie soap 'Neighbours' where she played someone called Beth. I can't recall the range of storylines she featured in but she was in it for quite a while, so I'll wager she experienced the full slushy soap gamut of teenage angst, losing virginity, dabbling with drugs/alcohol, unrequited love, requited love, broken heart after requited love escapade went wrong, broken heart healed by Mr. Right after about, oh, ten episodes, followed by marriage (which may have been preceded by unplanned pregnancy, kicking off either much joy or more probably, much crying and sobbing about not being ready for motherhood/fatherhood, pause for breath, and eventually marriage, illicit affair, divorce, tragic death, soap exit. Anyhoo, she did it all with a perfect air of Lovely Girlness and babes come and go with Bran Flake regularity in Aussie soaps but there'll ne'er be anyone to touch my Natalie. And more's the pity cos' I'd pay good money to see that.

Nats went on to make a few records of course and these days is looking more lovely than ever. I salute you. Just don't get married, or if you do, wed softly for you, er, wed on my dreams. Or something. Sorry.
Ahem. (Twiddles thumbs). Er...right! What do I do now then? Help me Radge!