Friday, October 12, 2007

Kim Wilde

I just saw Kim Wilde on the telly there and I'm not the better for it.

Who the Jasus is Kim Wilde you might ask? She was/is a blonde bombshell pop singer who first burst on the scene in 1981 with a tune called 'Kids in America.' I was only 5 at the time but on some nascent sexual level I fancied her rotten. Like, in that childish sort of way where you don't actually realise you fancy someone because you wouldn't actually learn about fancying girls until you were 10, but I still watched Top of the Pops until she came on and did her thing. I literally didn't know where to look or what precisely I was enjoying so much but I was still the most sexed up 5 year old in the village by some distance and that's not bad going. I guess it was a cross between a first crush and puppy love. A crush puppy if you will.

Anyhoo, she's about 46 now and brings in some extra wonga by appearing in adverts for healthfood chain Holland and Barrett. And boy has she let herself go. You know what they say about never meeting your heroes? Well, never check up on your crush puppy 20-odd years later, it'll only end in similar disappointment. Father time stalks us all.

Poor Kim. You can check out what she's been up to over on Wikipedia if you're interested, she hasn't had a bad old career I suppose.

Whatever she's like now, I'll always remember her in that video for Kids in America, wearing a stripey black and white top, like a stereotypical Frenchman. Except she was a bird and was minus the WWII bicycle, string of garlic round the neck, beret and waxed moustache. This would just have made Kim look silly.

It could be worse though, she could be still out there shaking it in soft-focus botox glory like Debbie Harry and Cher. Thankful for small mercies is me.

8 moos and woofs:

Radge said...

She was no Pepsi. OR Shirley.

Doug said...

The song sizzled when I was in high school and it looks like she is still smoking as an "older woman". Now where did I put that Kids in America cassette ?

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