Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My greatest hit

I was tickled pink after seeing this at Grandad's. No, literally. Grandad's been playing about with some mental new spyware over there, so I'd barely settled in front of the laptop before twenty miniature, multi-legged versions of his beard hopped out of the screen, ran up my sleeves and tickled me half demented. They were like them weird yokes off Minority Report. It was all very strange.

Anyway, this little diversion is a quick and easy way to name your own musical act and title your first album. And Lord knows how many musical geniuses could have been on Top of the Pops but for the want of a catchy name for the ould band, only they never found the software in time and had to make do with "Three Hairy Golf Balls and a Bald Washing Machine" instead. Which sadly never quite hits the market with the yoof demographic.

All you do is click this and the title of the article you arrive at has to be the name of your band. I must say, I mucked about with this link for quite some time and some of the band names I subsequently found was Stratiomyomorpha (sounds painful but it's just an insect), Tom Fillingham (a dentist?), The Careful Use of Compliments (particularly apt for good old sugar-coated me I thought, cos' you're all a bunch of smelly fuckers) and finally, Musashi-Mizonokuchi Station and I'm at a loss for a joke on that one to be honest. It's a bit addictive once you start.
Okay so far? When you've got that done go here and the last four words of the very last quote on the page is the name of your album. Finally, the third picture on this page is the one you have to choose as your album cover click here please. Then you butcher it all together in Microsoft Paint or some other such easy peasy photo software for simpering fools like myself and hopefully you won't make too much of a hames of it and can produce something legible.

I was very pleased with how mine turned out, I must say. I think it's kinda edgy and cool. Not like me at all. Thank 'ee Grandad, and in turn, to the people at wherever he found it himself.

11 moos and woofs:

Grandad said...

Frightfully sorry about the beard, Old Chap. I find the hairs tend to congregate under my space-bar key thingy, so that's probably where they'll end up in yours.

That meme thing is the worst yet, in that I had great craic doing it. It can be addictive. Watch out....

Baino said...

OK . . wet weekend sorted. Word Travel game from another blogger and album covers from you two . . .My band is Operating System Projects and the album "Our Worst Enemy" I like it. Angsty . .just need a pic. Thanks Terrence for giving me something to do while its PISSING down!

Annie Rhiannon said...

My band's name is "Changampuzha Krishna Pillai". It's not that catchy, no, but it's more interesting than "Lamb", "Muse", "Reef' or any of those other non-descript 4-letter words out there.

Terence McDanger said...

I read someone's blog recently, can't recall whose, and they were ranting about some band with a shite name: "Scouting for girls."

Scouting for girls, pfffft. Will ye ever fuck off with yer ould shite.

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