Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A first Easter card...

Happy Easter! Just be aware, due to global warming, Good Friday will be on a Tuesday this year.

That will be all.

Love and bunnies,

14 moos and woofs:

nuttycow said...

The old ones etc...

Terence McDanger said...

I'd never seen it before y'know. See earlier posts about not seeing Grandad's meme and stuff.

But never mind all that, Nelson Mandela is out of prison! Unbelieveable! Next thing you know, the USA will elect an idiot as their President.

Ah no, that's just being silly...

Baino said...

Haha . . still makes me laugh. Actually it was an Irishman who first sent it to me! There was a push out here to get rid of the Easter Bunny (rabbits are feral and frowned upon here) and introduce the chocolate Bilby! Nah, didn't work . . we love the bunnies! 'specially the little Lindt ones with bells around their necks . . is it Tuesday yet *mmmm chocolate*

Kath Lockett said...

I disagree with ya, Baino. Choccy Bilbies are huge here in South Oz. Then again, they're made by Haigh's so it kind of goes without saying.

Or, go stingy like I do each year for my husband Love Chunks and simply slap down a few family blocks of Cadbury and say: "Here you go, they're flat pack Easter eggs from IKEA. Go find an allen key and get into it."

K8 the Gr8 said...

Why does this year feel like one big long day? Turns out Easter is at 11am when I thought for ages it was at half-twelve.

I missed pancake tuesday for this very reason.

Thanks for reminding me!

Susan said...

Happy Easter yourself Moo--are you still alive somewhere or WHAT?

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