Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm gone all technical

It only took me about four hours and alot of screaming, roaring and hissing obscenties, but I finally managed to register my own domain name and get my blog working.

So, is now alive and kicking. is owned by some other spoilsport it seems, as are moodogblog, moo-dog, moodogsblog, moodawg and basically, any other semi-intelligible version of the blog formally known as So I took an executive branding decision, took the helicopter view, got all my ducks in a row, decided to be proactive rather than reactive, and went with, cos' let's face it, there's no other fucker out there would call himself that and the domain was bound to be available. And so it was.

When I cool down and relax again after going through this technical equivalent of the fucking Krypton factor, I may branch out further and take a run at a word press version, although I expect I will quickly lose patience there as well and keel over on to the floor in a paroxysm of rage complete with a big furiously purple head and foam coming out of my mouth. Sorta like Barney the Dinosaur, The Ecstasy Years.

Anyway, I'm here, I've arrived. I feel a bit giggly now. Good night.

14 moos and woofs:

Kath Lockett said...

Hey Terence
Where's your 'about' page? I'd love to know what lurks in that grey matter of yours.

Terence McDanger said...

I'm about 6'1, about 13 stone and I'm about to have a porridge breakfast. Will that do for now? :)

Kath Lockett said...

Nope, but I can wait until you eat your ~shudder~ porridge...

Paul Heron said...

Are you sticking with "Moo-Dog" for the blog title or is the blog going to be renamed "Terence McDanger" now ?
(I've updated my weblinks to point to your new domain and also changed the name!!)

Terence McDanger said...

Good man Paul but I don't think there was any need as the the old blogspot URL will automatically re-direct to the new one. Or something. Sure thanks anyway, because I probably have it wrong.

I think I'll be sticking with Moo-Dog as the blog title has personal significance...

nuttycow said...

Oooo, get you, smarty pants :)

Terence McDanger said...

ooooooh yaw dahling blogspot is like sooooo last Friday now.

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