Friday, August 08, 2008

1600 and counting

Is 1600 words too much for one blog post and should I publish it in two parts instead?

Especially when said words concern, in the main, a pair of saggy boobs I met in Liverpool?

And anyone thought of a joke about 'in two parts' and boobs yet?

16 moos and woofs:

Susan said...

We wait weeeeeks for your last post, and now you want us to write the next one for you?


But, well, ok......if we help you write it, will you take us to Malta with you?

Terence McDanger said...

Jasus no it's all there and written I just don't want to publish it in one fat lump and have peoples' bleary eyes fall out halfway through. I'm wondering should I do 'Boobs Part I' and 'Boobs II - the sequel' a few days later like...

Dot-Com said...

Boobs generally come as a set - not a part one and part two...

Baino said...

For goodness sakes! Just publish it you malingerer

Kath Lockett said...

I'm with dot-com: publish both at once, in deference to the average rack.

....unless you're hinting that the 'saggy boobs' belong to two different women (in which case you might need more than 1600 words to explain it)

Radge said...

Serialise it in The Sun.

Problem solved.

Susan said...

McDanger, if you don't just publish it AT ONCE...

I'm going to call you a liar.

Terence McDanger said...

Ok well if anyone nods off half way through, remember that I was kind enough to ask...

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