Saturday, July 05, 2008

More stag night nonsense pics

I ate a pizza in this restaurant last night. Was very taken with the marketing on their menu, it being, clearly, a bulimic cherub. Certainly tickles the taste buds. Then again, this is Galway, and the people who brought you cryptosporidium. Later folks!
Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Shoine ya shoes, guvna?

C’mere, a quick question. I was listening to the radio there at lunch time and in between concerted attempts to be hilarious, the DJ played a song by someone called Kate Nash.
Kate Nash, it seems, is another in this new wave of artistes who half-talk their way through their songs, in a cockney accent. The Streets do it as well.
See what I mean? (If YouTube is being a bitch, just keep refreshing, it'll get pissed off complaining and give in eventually).
I think it’s supposed to be like blues for a new generation, what with the songs telling stories and stuff. But really, they just blather on about everyday mundane events, being in nightclubs, ordering chips, breaking up, fighting with their better half, all in their Landan accent. There’d be a cutesy chorus in there somewhere in most of them. It’s like episodes of Eastenders with a backing track or something.

Anyway, I don’t much like it any more, it was alright the first time but now it's getting very old. I’m a curmudgeon about these things. Well, most things. By which I mean, everything.

Like, Chaz and Dave* got there first back in the eighties, and it was shite back then and all.

*Not the official video. Or at least, if there was an official video, this isn't it. There's no jellied eels for a start.