Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ok ok I'm done now!

Yes, I've been carrying out some more bloggery feng shui, moving the furniture, aligning my chakras and other such palaver. I thought I'd settled on the other template but noticed it was taking an awful long time to load. There were sundry other annoyances I won't go into to. Mainly I didn't think it was quite me.

On this new one, you will notice some cool new functionality; you can rate my posts now and let me know if I'm being all shite, or indeed, wonderful. There'll be no pressure from me in that regard of course.

But if I get zero stars off anyone out there I'll impale you on a Knight's jousting stick and then carry you through your neighbourhood on horseback, inviting folk to throw slugs at you. 

The biggest plus of all? Doesn't this new look just evoke cows a lot better? And when all's said and done, isn't that what we're all striving for here?

Right. That's me done mucking about now, I promise, unless technical difficulties arise or people start reporting annoyances.

15 moos and woofs:

Baino said...

I dunno, I think I liked the other one . . then I'm a bit artsy fartsy. Actually, I'm thinking of giving mine a facelift but I'm stuck with blogger templates.

Susan said...

As long as I'm on your bloglist, I'm happy.

You're right, it does need more cowage, but when that's done it's a lovely design. Easy to navigate, easy to read, clean and professional looking---very nice!

Just needs cows.

Terence McDanger said...

Baino strictly speaking I preferred the other one as well, but damn it, it was too annoying behind all the glamour and glitz. I couldn't move stuff around and get it exactly how I wanted.
If you want some help changing templates just email me, you can use my old one if you want!

This I feel is less busy and more pastoral, Susan, with its shades of grass, milk blue skies and bovines...alright I'll sharrup now. Because I have some cows to find.

Radge said...

It reminds me of ice cream, and I like ice cream.

Maxi Cane said...

I like it.

With all other people changing and renovating, I feel like I'm running a pile of shite where I am, I might have to get the builders in.

They're looking for work and it should be quite cheap too.

Terence McDanger said...

And where does ice cream come from Radge?
The freezer, I suppose you'll say.

Cheers Maxi, to you and anyone relse that's thinking of changing I have a folder stuffed with about one hundred different templates if you'd like to try 'em on. I shopped around loads before finding this sexy little number, so all are welcome to have them if ye drop me a mail.

Adullamite said...

It's OK I suppose....
The bit on the left is distracting.
Could you not put something interesting there and lower this down to give a better balance?

There are too few cows pictured.

No green meadows.

And no buttercups either.

However I am not fussy, it's your blog.....

hope said...

Okay, I have given you a rating, which would've been excellent but sadly I arrived here before the cows. I rather miss them.

On the plus side this does load faster and is easy to in easy on the eyes. White letters on a black background give me a headache. Don't hate me for telling the truth Radge...I'm still reading yours. Just slower. ;)

I do miss the the wooden board background though...probably because I live in the country and find it comforting somehow.

I'm just glad we've inadvertently lit a fire under you after complaining you didn't post often enough. And you even cleaned up your room for us. I think you owe Susan a prize for the initial nagging...I mean inspiration. :)

Red Leeroy said...

Rate your posts eh, I feel filled with an air of responsibility that is perhaps too much for me. eh 5. no 1. 5. it's a 5. ok 3. 3.5? 4, should be ok with a 4. nope 3. etc etc

The Man at the Pub said...

1 star post this one. Needs more cows.

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