Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A collection of nonsense syllables about nothing at all

Oooooh! Oooooh! Gibber! Gibber! Excitement!! Boing boing! Happy happy! Bouncy bouncy!

I'm in Barcelona!

Ooooooh! Aaaaaaaah! I'm very happy about it as you can tell, and as if to prove the point I'm calling in more vowels than a very inexperienced contestant on Countdown.

I'm having such a good time already.

Well no, I'm not actually, I've just arrived at the hotel and the room's not ready. They're not still building it or anything horrendous like that - Spanish builders, wha? - they're just cleaning it and making it fit for what will be my dramatic, imperious entrance. You know me by now, all swishing capes and theatrical flourishes of my furs, dropping stuffed bags with various chihuahas* and other trophy pets falling out of them at odd angles. Ooooooh dahlings it's all making me quite gay but then again I've just drunk two jugs of coffee to pass some time while they, like I said, clean the room, although at this rate of non progress I fear someone absolutely minging has been staying it before me. Like Jabba the Hutt or Brian Cowen.

Although some say they're the same person. Have you ever seen them in the same room together? No? There you go then.

Anyway this post is about nothing at all, it's just a general announcement sort of thing like an elongated version of Twitter, or what I imagine Twitter to be because I've never bothered me big anointed Cavan arse checking it out. Twogger I might call it, maybe, or some such neat little hybrid of terms. Or Bwigger. Heh heh. Bwigger.

And apropos of nothing at all, I'm just going to stop right here for no reason in particular. I'll be back later and probably very drunk which should be interesting given what mere coffee has done to me.

Gibber, boing, bounce, oooooh and an aaaaah and over and out.

*And nobody spells chiwahwahs right anyway.

16 moos and woofs:

Meadow said...

They're putting rose petals on the bed and filling the bath with sangria right now.

Have a fantastic time!

Red Leeroy said...

Enjoy yourself. But if you were a "tweeter" you could "tweet" while you walked around, and the more drunk you got the more hilarious your "tweets" would become. Tweet Tweet.......

White Rabbit said...

Aww bless you and your childlike excitement. Have fun!

Susan said...

If that's what coffee's done to you, I hate to think of what happens if we put something in it.

Oooh, tempting.

Anyhoo, I hope Barcelona's good to you over the next few days!!

hope said...

You're on holiday in Barcelona. I'm on holiday...away from the work desk yet at the home computer trying to locate long extinct Irish relatives for the family tree. Hmmm, who has the more exciting day planned?

You win.

I promise not to be jealous if you keep up these e-mail postcards.

By the way, you didn't try to check in during Siesta time, did you? The maid may be napping on your bed. No, I'm quite sure she'll be gone by the time you're allowed in the room. ;)

Have fun!

the projectivist said...

i do hope that Jabba has left a couple of his dancing girls in that room for you. so much nicer than stains on the mattress.

i think you should walk about muttering to yourself in what i imagine to be TwitterSpeak:
"I am standing in the foyer. It has marble floors."
"The receptionist is wearing a yellow blouse. I can see her bra strap."

excellent. report back how that whole thing goes asap.

Baino said...

Not half as fun as my holiday but enjoy anyway. Hey, met Kath . .she's a cack. We gibbered, jabbered and happy clapped quite a lot!

Kath Lockett said...

So, 'bouncy bouncy', eh? So you took my advice and bought someone inflatable along then?

Adullamite said...

I've a horrible feeling he has fallen over the balcony during the Cup winning celebrations!

hope said...

Okay, it's been a week. Shouldn't someone check the street below the balcony and see if the poor man needs help getting back up?

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